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Effortless Boutonnière Pinning

Attaching your beautifully crafted boutonnière has never been easier! The Surepin® offers a simple, secure solution for you, the florist, and your customers.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Locate the curved section of The Surepin®. Now, using your thumb or a flat-edged tool, gently push the bent part of The Surepin® as far up the upper stem of your finished boutonnière as possible.

Step 2

When your customer is ready to pin on the boutonnière, simply show them the easy downward motion for attaching The Surepin®. For removal, instruct them to pull The Surepin® upwards.

Step 3

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your boutonnière will stay flawlessly secured, looking exactly as you envisioned. No more flopping or fussing!

Versatile Uses

While initially crafted to enhance the security of boutonnières and corsages on lapels, The Surepin® extends its versatility to various applications beyond traditional floral arrangements. Explore the diverse ways designers can harness the full potential of The Surepin® to actualize their creative visions.

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Decorating Tables for Weddings and Events

Insert The Surepin® downward onto table skirts to affix greens and cap them with flowers, adding elegance to table décor.

Crafting Unique Effects with Ribbon and Tulle

The sharp ends of The Surepin® enable designers to create captivating effects with ribbon and tulle, elevating the visual appeal of any fabric.

Enhancing Hats with Floral Accents

Secure flowers for hairpieces, such as berets, by utilizing The Surepin® to attach them securely in place.

Adorning Fabric- Covered Chairs

Attach sprays of flowers and bows to fabric-covered chairs effortlessly with The Surepin®, enhancing the ambiance of any event.

Facilitating Funeral Arrangements

In funeral arrangements, use The Surepin® to secure lid and corner pieces using garlands, rosaries, and wreaths, ensuring dignified displays.

Utilizing Ornamental Wire and Glue Adhesive

The versatility of The Surepin® extends to ornamental wire and glue adhesive applications, offering flexibility in design execution.

Serving as a Hanging Hook

Employ The Surepin® as a hook for hanging fabric, particularly for wedding altars, arbors, and chuppas, ensuring secure and elegant displays.

Compatibility with Various Materials

The Surepin® seamlessly integrates with a multitude of materials, including silk flowers, succulents, starfish, and even unconventional items like shotgun boutonnières, facilitating diverse design possibilities.

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Send in Your Questions

Embrace the possibilities! With The Surepin®, let your creativity flourish while ensuring your floral designs stay securely and beautifully in place. If you still have questions about how The Surepin® works, contact the expert team today.

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