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The Future of Floral Pins

The Surepin® simplifies pinning boutonnières and corsages for your customers, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The Surepin® is used as an innovative tool to eliminate the stress and fuss associated with pinning arrangements; in addition, anything from garland, flowers on the backs of chairs, funeral work, chuppahs, and many other creative ideas you may need to solve.

Enhancing Special Occasions

We can't wait until the time you hear the rave reviews from your customers pinning experience.

Simply Surepin®.

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Experience the ease and efficiency of The Surepin® for yourself. Join The Surepin® in revolutionizing the boutonnière-pinning experience, making it pleasant, quick, and picture-perfect every time.

Customer Reviews

~ Judy Shaw

Flowers by the Greenery (West Chester, PA)

“You’re using that pin, right'-What I hear all the time from my 'prom moms'. The Surepin®​ has created a following for my shop for all the dances due to its ease of use. When I introduce this in my wedding work, the kids can’t believe how easy it is! The Surepin® ensures our beautiful work stays beautiful!”

~ Joyce Chowanec

Lavender Goose (Peckville, PA)

“[The] Surepin® has made a tremendous boost to my business. We use this on all corsages. Prom mothers and brides are absolutely thrilled. Word of mouth kudos from them bring in new customers for the easy to use corsages! We can see the end results a lot of the times when we pick up rental items after an event and guess what..the bouts and corsages stay in place and look great after a day/evening long event. Love, love, love this product!”

~ Peggy Aakre

Glasgow Flower and Gift (Glasgow, MT)

“Hi! I just wanted to tell you how great your Surepins® are. We got a box a couple weeks ago and used them for our first prom of the year. We received rave reviews! We took a chance and used them on ALL our bouts, including daisies and alstromeria! They worked great and had no complaints. Thanks! (Months later) I have to say I have had nothing but good reports and I have been using The Surepin® for everything. I have not had any problems with any types of flowers. All of the kids last year said the REALLY liked them and are hoping to have them again this year. In fact I am getting ready to gear up for prom and will call you for a couple of boxes……”

~ Alan Kiryluk

Fireside Flowers (Richboro, PA)

“Our customers love The Surepin®​. It is so much easier than using the regular straight pins. We show each customer how it works and it is great at keeping the flower straight on the lapel. It makes us stand out as innovative and forward thinking. It’s a little thing that makes life easier for our customers.”

~ Rhonda Little

Millinocket Floral Shop (Millinocket, ME)

“I bought Surepin at a show many years ago. I bought 2 boxes. I am in a very small town and found it was much easier for my prom customers and larger occasions for corsages and boutonnieres, to utilize Surepin. Their easy attachment for the consumer, recipient, and all involved made them a "no brainer". I have almost exhausted my supply and have looked at many wholesalers, in Maine and Massachusetts to Rhode Island, to purchase but couldn't find them. So I'm glad I googled, found you and placed my order. Thanks again!!! With shotgun casing boutonnieres in Oct to the multiple single carnations corsages and boutonnieres for a hospital event, my work will be much easier and my customers happy.”

~ Gene McGonagle

Ambler Flowers​ (Ambler, PA)

“I am not a “5th” generation florist; that is good and sometimes not so good. The good thing is I am always looking for products that improve our service. The Surepin®​ is a sure bet….guaranteed!”

~ Haley Peck

The Garden Path​ (Orem, UT)

“We have been using Surepins® for the last 3 years. We absolutely love how [much] easier they are to use and the amount of time in labor we save. Our customers love them and it has actually increased sales!”