Your Key to Flawless Floral Finishes

Effortlessly Simplifying the Process of Attaching Boutonnières & Corsages With a Tool That Securely Fastens Real Flowers

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The Sure Way to Perfect Boutonnières

The Surepin® simplifies boutonnière/corsage pinning for customers, providing ease and convenience. Crafted to facilitate hassle-free boutonnière insertion into a lapel, The Surepin® emerged as a solution to bent and broken pins, as well as stained attire resulting from conventional straight pins, pricks and pokes.

Founder’s Vision

"Having been an educator for the past thirty years, my profession was based on observation and implementing changes to help all students. Observing the drama and difficulty with attaching boutonnières seemed frustrating to me. Consider making this pleasurable for your customers, and they will be so happy with your floral shop's service!"

~ Carol James, Founder and Creator of The Surepin®

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Simple and Effective

The Surepin® was designed with simplicity in mind. Insert it into the finished Calex of the boutonnière,​ using your finger or a flat-edged tool, and your customer receives it ready to pin!

Save Your Time

As florists, Surepin® acknowledges that time is your most precious resource. Utilizing The Surepin® enables you to pursue your designs without constraints or additional effort. You can simply insert the bent part of the pin into the Calex of the flower once you are done.

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Long-Lasting Beauty

Standard straight pins can damage flowers. The Surepin® goes straight up the flower, keeping it fresher for longer and ensuring your creations stay beautiful throughout the day.

Customer Satisfaction

"No pricks, no pokes, no flopping flowers on your folks! Just easy and sure and out the door!"

Elevate your service with The Surepin® and watch your happy customers return again and again.

A man in a suit and tie with flowers on his lapel.
A red line is on the side of a black background.
A man in suit and tie with flowers on his lapel.

Discover The Difference

The Surepin® is a tool that makes pinning on boutonnières or corsages easy for your customers. Say goodbye to bent pins and stained dresses – The Surepin® is here to simplify your floral experience.


Carol at Surepin® has observed for years the difficulties that result in attaching traditional straight pins. "Let's preserve the beautiful tradition of exchanging flowers."

Elevate Your Floral Experience

Thank you for visiting The Surepin®. Whether it's weddings, proms, graduations, or any other special event, The Surepin® is here to make pinning a boutonnière as it should be – pleasant, quick, and picture-perfect. With The Surepin®, pinning a boutonnière is no longer a chore but a pleasure. Join in revolutionizing floral pins with The Surepin®.

A man in suit and tie holding onto a flower.